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Life is an adventure. Embrace it. Create it.

Becoming Creative

I have never thought of myself as a creative person.  I can’t draw to save my life, most craft activities frustrate the crap out of me, and the ability to paint is beyond me… or is it?

Over the last couple of years I have had an increasing urge to nurture my creative side.  To become creative.  To make things.  To write things.  To take photos.  Hell, I’ve even had a yearning to sew things, which I have always sworn that I would never do since failing the sewing half of home economics in grade 8!

I love art.  I love looking at it and thinking about it.  I am in awe of the creative process.  One of our family’s favourite things to do on holidays is visit museums and art galleries.  We have been to big ones in London, Paris and New York, and small ones selling local artisan’s wares in tiny towns.  I love it all.  Our home is decorated with pieces that we have found and brought home with us.  Some local, some from further away.

A mix of canvas art and wood sculptures from Papua New Guinea, glass dish from New Zealand and a candle from Paris

There are some creative things that I already do:  We are in the process of renovating our home, so I have been doing an interior design course as well as decorating and styling the completed rooms.  I love to take photos, and this year my aim is to do more of that.  I play along with Fat Mum Slim‘s photo a day prompts, even if I am sometimes a day or two late.  I’m going to take my big DSLR off the shelf and use it more often, not just on holidays.  And this blog and keeping a journal are getting me writing.

But I’m also going to do more.  I spent time with my coach unpacking what had been holding me back from jumping into creativity sooner.  The fear.  The self-doubt.  The feelings of not being good enough.  This year is the year that those things will not hold me back from trying new things, discovering and nurturing my creativity.  And I’m going to have fun trying it all.  It’s going to be an adventure.

Creativity Journal and prompt cards. Time to open them up!

Lazy Sundays

Sundays are my favourite day of the week by far – a day for chilling out and doing not very much.  The Husband is home from work, there’s usually no kids activities to run to, and the pace of life seems a lot slower and easier.  I usually try to spend some time on Sundays getting set up for the week ahead – checking the diary for appointments, writing meal plans and shopping lists, and generally trying to make life run that bit smoother.  But that tends to go by the wayside a bit during the holidays (yay!), and when we’re lucky Sundays end up being full-on kick back and relax.

Today was no exception.  Perth put on the most amazing summer’s day, and we made the most of it by soaking in the sunshine and dialling up the relax meter to the max!  First up we headed to the local dog beach, as did every other dog owner in Perth’s northern suburbs.  It was packed!  Rubio (our crazy, one year old border collie) loves a run on the sand.  The husband and Miss 11 decided that they were going to swim laps, and Mr 12 and Miss 6 were adamant that they were not going in the water.  So The Husband and Miss 11 swam laps in and out from the beach, Mr 12 sat in the sand and dug holes, Rubio swam in and out to rescue the swimmers, and Miss 6 of course ended up swimming in her undies and my rashie.

As for me, I just bobbed around chin deep and let the salt water wash through my soul.  The ocean has been my happy place for as long as I can remember.  It clears my thoughts and calms me.  Today, it set my day up for how I meant for it to continue.

After getting home, the kids were straight in the pool where they spent most of the day.  The husband cooked a fantastic brunch – bacon, eggs, rocket and sauerkraut.  It was nourishing and filling, and kept me going for hours.


The rest of the day was spent lazily hopping in and out of the pool, drinking a few cheeky margaritas, and playing board games (along with the usual weekend fun of everyone losing their shit at one point or another, and doing what felt like 75 loads of washing).


Now it’s time for family movie night and dinner.  Lazy, sunny, relaxed Sunday at it’s best. I hope everyone had an equally fantastically chilled day xx



2019 – An Intentional Year

Every year I set new years resolutions – lose weight and get thin, be healthy, be a better mother/wife/at work/whatever, achieve {insert random, large goal}.  As long as I can remember I have sat down on new years day (or the day after depending on the ferocity of the hangover) and written this shit down.  And how often have I gotten to the end of the year and felt like I’ve accomplished something?  Basically never.  Not once.  I can’t remember a year where I’ve though to myself “I’ve smashed last year, so this year is going to be even better”.  My usual train of thought is along the lines of “thank fuck that year is over, next year I’m going to do it all differently”.  For some insane reason I even thought this at the end of the amazingly good years!  It was habit.  It was what I thought and did when the year came to a close.

This year I have done things differently.  No resolutions.  No grand, big goals.

This year I sat down on new years eve and set intentions.  I thought long and hard about how I want to feel for the next 12 months.  What I want to be like as a person.  What will make my year great.

Then I wrote them down and made the page all pretty.  And picked out a few buzz words to boot.IMG_3298.jpg

So a big part of my year for intentional living in 2019 is going to be doing the things that make me feel good.  The things that make me happy.  The things that light me up inside and make me glow from the inside out.  I’m going to do the things that I always thought that I might like doing, but talked myself out of trying.  I’m going to do the things that I know that I love doing. And this blog is going to be my record of that.  I’m going to write it down and share it.  Read it if you want.  Or not.  That’s up to you.  But this is going to be my record of discovering who I am as a person, by doing the things that excite me, and living my life with purpose.  Living life and making it an adventure.

Happy New Year, and may your 2019 be as much of an adventure as you can make it for yourself xx

Hot chocolate and Eclairs. What more could you want in a blog?

My friend Hayley writes a fabulous blog about her search for the perfect hot chocolate and eclair. I’ve written a guest post for her, check it out at Chocolat de Haut. Her adventures in Paris made me gain weight just by reading!

Let’s go shopping!

Shopping is one thing that can be interesting on a remote tropical island in a developing country.  There is the deli at the social club that sells meat (frozen), fresh fruit and veggies (usually imported from Australia) and some staples such as cereal, milk (all UHT), cheese and some other basics (all imported from Aus).  Everything at the deli is in limited supply.  The town of Londolovit has two supermarkets – Papindos and Best Buy; as well as daily markets.  I’ve discovered the added bonus of buying fresh fruit from the Haus Meris (house maids) who sell it door to door.  So far I’ve bought beautiful sweet bananas, and a pawpaw that is sitting on my bench ripening up, for the bargain price of K5 each (about $2.50).

So two supermarkets, not so bad, right? Well… they’re an experience, that’s for sure.  Both have the delightful aroma of concentrated humanity sweating in a hot shed.  Both supermarkets go for the convenience of having everything you need to buy in the one place – groceries, clothing, toys, hardware, stationery, mobile phones and tablets, machetes.  Best Buy even has a pharmacy inside. There’s the astounding variety of canned meat – I never knew so many brands or types existed, including canned goose.  There’s the interesting placement of the dishwasher tablets in the sauces and vinegar aisle.  Logical to someone, obviously.  If you need to buy MSG by the kilo, you’re in luck! And pasta, rice and flour even comes with bonus added protein, still moving so you know it’s the real deal.  I mean, what more could you want?  Pretty much most things you might want to buy, actually.  Oil comes in either ‘vegetable’ or ‘peanut’. And chocolate is just not here.  The deli sells Mars Bars and Chokitos, but that’s it.

So yesterday I grabbed a ride into Londo with a neighbour and hit the shops.  And joy of absolute joys, a container of Black & Gold products had landed on the island.  You know, the things you usually walk past thinking “I’m not buying that crap”.  After only 3 weeks here I went slightly crazy in there.  You can only imagine the joy felt by long term residents!  I filled my trolley with olive oil, paper towels, icing mixture and compound cooking chocolate. It tastes like crap, but it’s chocolate!

A quick visit to the market rounded out the trip, where I found bargain avocados (3 for K5), and purchased a beautiful hand made bilum, as I had packed all my useful handbags on the container. Isobel was the star of the show at the market, with everyone calling out “hello baby” and talking to her.  Her charming personality shone out as she fixed them with a death stare and replied with “I not a baby, I a big girl”!

Bilum, olive oil and chocolate - a successful shopping trip!
Bilum, olive oil and chocolate – a successful shopping trip!

We have arrived

Coconuts... and Isobel flaked out in the humidity
Coconuts… and Isobel flaked out in the humidity
First day of school
First day of school

After three flights in two days, a brief catch up with some family, a little frantic re packing as we were over weight, and a bit of duty free shopping, we finally arrived!

As we flew into the airport on Lihir I could get a view of the island – luminous green mountains surrounded by luminous blue ocean. By the time we cleared customs (they took one look at the huge pile of bags and Isobel trying to escape, and didn’t open any of them) it was dark on the drive to our house. Dinner had been organised for us, so we just needed to eat, shower and then fall into bed.

The next few days were spent unpacking and checking out the house, enrolling in school, meeting people, discovering the local supermarket and exploring the townsite. Our house has a beautiful view from the deck out across the town harbour to the rest of the island beyond. The houses are all quite nice with polished wood floors, decent appliances and bathrooms, and actually reasonably big. At the moment it’s very empty with only the supplied furniture and our few things from our bags.

Finn and Abigail started school yesterday, and both seem to be settling in well. So far they have spent as much time at friends houses or running around the housing loop road as they have at home. Lihir International Primary School is small, but seems really nice. Finn and Abigail are each in a class of 14, both with an expat (Aussie) teacher and full-time national (PNG) teacher assistant. Parents rave about the school and the lifestyle for the kids, with many of them saying that they have extended their time here for that reason. Jason also started work yesterday – it looks like he will be flat out for a while.

The view from our deck
The view from our deck
Housing loop road
Housing loop road

A new adventure about to begin…

The past couple of months have been full of the stress and craziness of moving. Jason and I have moved around Australia, but this time we are heading a bit further out – to Lihir Island in Papua New Guinea.

Our house is empty, with everything either on its way to Lihir, in storage, sold or given away. We have been living in an apartment for 3 weeks. The kids are going crazy! Too much takeaway, too much time watching TV or the iPad.

There have been last days at school and childcare, last goodbyes, last catch-ups, last trips to favourite parks and beaches, last-minute shopping.

Now it’s only 3 more days until we fly out to Lihir. A journey that will take 3 flights over 2 days. And then we will be at our new home, ready for our next adventure.

Bring it on!




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