Every year I set new years resolutions – lose weight and get thin, be healthy, be a better mother/wife/at work/whatever, achieve {insert random, large goal}.  As long as I can remember I have sat down on new years day (or the day after depending on the ferocity of the hangover) and written this shit down.  And how often have I gotten to the end of the year and felt like I’ve accomplished something?  Basically never.  Not once.  I can’t remember a year where I’ve though to myself “I’ve smashed last year, so this year is going to be even better”.  My usual train of thought is along the lines of “thank fuck that year is over, next year I’m going to do it all differently”.  For some insane reason I even thought this at the end of the amazingly good years!  It was habit.  It was what I thought and did when the year came to a close.

This year I have done things differently.  No resolutions.  No grand, big goals.

This year I sat down on new years eve and set intentions.  I thought long and hard about how I want to feel for the next 12 months.  What I want to be like as a person.  What will make my year great.

Then I wrote them down and made the page all pretty.  And picked out a few buzz words to boot.IMG_3298.jpg

So a big part of my year for intentional living in 2019 is going to be doing the things that make me feel good.  The things that make me happy.  The things that light me up inside and make me glow from the inside out.  I’m going to do the things that I always thought that I might like doing, but talked myself out of trying.  I’m going to do the things that I know that I love doing. And this blog is going to be my record of that.  I’m going to write it down and share it.  Read it if you want.  Or not.  That’s up to you.  But this is going to be my record of discovering who I am as a person, by doing the things that excite me, and living my life with purpose.  Living life and making it an adventure.

Happy New Year, and may your 2019 be as much of an adventure as you can make it for yourself xx