Sundays are my favourite day of the week by far – a day for chilling out and doing not very much.  The Husband is home from work, there’s usually no kids activities to run to, and the pace of life seems a lot slower and easier.  I usually try to spend some time on Sundays getting set up for the week ahead – checking the diary for appointments, writing meal plans and shopping lists, and generally trying to make life run that bit smoother.  But that tends to go by the wayside a bit during the holidays (yay!), and when we’re lucky Sundays end up being full-on kick back and relax.

Today was no exception.  Perth put on the most amazing summer’s day, and we made the most of it by soaking in the sunshine and dialling up the relax meter to the max!  First up we headed to the local dog beach, as did every other dog owner in Perth’s northern suburbs.  It was packed!  Rubio (our crazy, one year old border collie) loves a run on the sand.  The husband and Miss 11 decided that they were going to swim laps, and Mr 12 and Miss 6 were adamant that they were not going in the water.  So The Husband and Miss 11 swam laps in and out from the beach, Mr 12 sat in the sand and dug holes, Rubio swam in and out to rescue the swimmers, and Miss 6 of course ended up swimming in her undies and my rashie.

As for me, I just bobbed around chin deep and let the salt water wash through my soul.  The ocean has been my happy place for as long as I can remember.  It clears my thoughts and calms me.  Today, it set my day up for how I meant for it to continue.

After getting home, the kids were straight in the pool where they spent most of the day.  The husband cooked a fantastic brunch – bacon, eggs, rocket and sauerkraut.  It was nourishing and filling, and kept me going for hours.


The rest of the day was spent lazily hopping in and out of the pool, drinking a few cheeky margaritas, and playing board games (along with the usual weekend fun of everyone losing their shit at one point or another, and doing what felt like 75 loads of washing).


Now it’s time for family movie night and dinner.  Lazy, sunny, relaxed Sunday at it’s best. I hope everyone had an equally fantastically chilled day xx