Hi, I’m Christine, and this blog is about me.  About figuring out who I am.  About having fun while doing it.  And let’s face it – it’s holding me accountable so that I get shit done.

This year (2019) marks my 40th year on Earth.  For the past year I have found myself at a crossroad of sorts.  So this blog is following my journey of rediscovering my own identity.  Not the identity that is linked to my wonderful husband and three gorgeous children.  I love them all to bits, but my identity is not defined by the labels of wife and mother.  My identity is not defined by the label of my previous profession, that I no longer work in.  I may not be completely sure of who I am, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

So this is my life.  Being creative.  Making time for myself and the things that I love.  Doing things that make me a better human.  And making an adventure out of everything, no matter how small and mundane!IMG_2875.jpg